New DJ Marshmelo in the item shop



I’m still trying to process just how cool yesterday’s live Marshmello concertin  was, and I found myself wondering just how many people were actually “in attendance,” so to speak.


This is significant because the last time we even knew what Fortnite’s concurrent player record was, it was in November when Epic revealed there were 200 million total Fortnite players and 8.3 million was the concurrent peak. This 10 million figure would be a new record above and beyond that, though I don’t think this has been confirmed as a new peak, as perhaps more people turned out to watch the Ice King or something, but I kind of doubt it.


The 10 million figure also does not include A) people watching by proxy on Twitch streams if they couldn’t attend in-game themselves or B) the encore performance that Marshmello gave last night at 2 AM ET so that other regions around the world could experience the show, if 2 PM ET had been the middle of the night for them or something. I hope that Epic comes out with a grand total at some point, but it could very well be 12-15 million or higher, which would by my guess.